Criminal Defense
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Strength and Honor
There are no guarantees in life, and I cannot guarantee anything as it relates to the outcome of your case. There are too many variables involved and criminal law is very fact specific.
HONOR: Anyone who guarantees or promises you a particular outcome prior to actually reading your police reports, researching the law, investigating your version of events, talking to witnesses, or speaking with the District Attorney is quite frankly lying to you. Its that simple. Here is what I can tell you: (1) My word is my bond, If I tell you something that is the way it is; (2) I will never mislead you, you will always know exactly where you stand; (3) I will always tell you the truth, even when that truth may be unpleasant
STRENGTH: My efforts will be single minded in representing you, I will never back down and will relentlessly pursue justice for you. Justice does not always mean a dismissal of your charges, but rest assured nothing happens with your case unless you approve.